A Guide for Online Shopping

Online shopping has become one of the most popular ways of getting the products that you need. Whether it is for fashion, housewares or grocery shopping, online shopping is high in demand in this new technological era.

An online store refers to a type of business that uses a website or an application connected to the Internet as the means of carrying out its transactions. It constitutes the main tool of electronic commerce.

The sellers of products and services make available to their clients a web page (or computer application) where they can see images of the products, read their specifications and, finally, purchase them. This service gives the client a quick purchase, the possibility of doing it from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day. Some online stores include user manuals on the product page so that the customer can get an idea in advance of what they are buying. Similarly, many online stores offer shoppers the ability to rate and evaluate the product. These evaluations can be carried out through the page itself or through third-party applications. They are also a good resource to use as a shopper if you’re interested in what other people thought about the product.

Typically, these products are paid by credit/debit card or through payment services such as PayPal. The purchased good is then sent to the purchaser by mail or courier. Some stores may give you options during checkout, for example, you may be able to pay online and have it delivered to your home; you may be able to order it online but pick it up and pay for it in person at the physical store or alternate location; or you may have to pay for the item once it is delivered to your home.

One advantage of online shopping is that you have easy access to every item available from the comfort of your home. You can avoid the physical act of going shopping and waiting in lines! However, the disadvantage to this is that you are relying on the description of the product and potentially other customer reviews of the item in question to make your purchasing decision.

To shop online you will need to open your favorite web browser on your computer (i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge) and search for the store you are interested in by typing the name into the address bar. You can either type in the specific address for the store (i.e. or you can search for the store name and select one of the options that appears (i.e. type in “Amazon” in Google). NOTE: When searching on Google, be sure to select the official company website and be wary of look-alike websites that are not trustworthy and may try to steal your personal information or payment method.

Navigating the Online Store

Every website has a different layout or way of showcasing their products, however, the actual process of purchasing something online is very similar. You browse each store’s website to find the products that you want to buy, then add them to your cart, and checkout. Checkout usually involves the use of your email address, phone number, mailing address and payment method.

Here is a list of some popular online stores in Canada:

All Categories

Amazon –


Roots –

Hudson’s Bay –

Marks –


Canadian Tire –

Kitchen Stuff Plus –

Ikea –


Canada Computers –

Best Buy –

Dell Canada –

Apple –


Walmart Canada –

Loblaws –

Metro –

Fortinos –

It is important to also mention that depending on your needs and time restrictions, there are third-party companies that offer faster delivery for your online shopping. However, these come with extra costs for using these websites. Companies like InstaCart ( or Cornershop ( offer 1 hour rush delivery option when you checkout with them.

Lastly, there are food delivery services that pick up and deliver the food you have pre-ordered from your favorite restaurant. These include DoorDash (, SkipTheDishes ( (, just to name a few!

Online shopping gives you increased flexibility and may help you take advantage of online discounts and current store sales while avoiding crowded malls/stores and long wait times!