Simple Guide to Using Facebook

Facebook is a great social media tool that allows us to connect with friends, family, and current events. It can always be accessed through the internet or if you are using a mobile device or tablet, accessing it through the Facebook app makes the process a little easier. To use Facebook, you will first need to make an account by adding an email, filling out some personal information, and creating a password for your account. Once you’ve done that you can start using Facebook! Here are some tips when using this social media outlet!

Adding Friends

To connect with someone you know, type the full name of the person you wish to connect with in the “Search” bar found usually at the top of the Facebook page. It may also just be displayed as a magnifying glass. Multiple people with that name may appear so be sure to select the correct individual and send them a Friend Request. To send the friend request you must click the button that reads “Add friend”. You will have to wait until they accept your request before you can begin interacting with them.

Navigating Your Facebook Feed

For this section, follow the numbers and match them with the same number displayed on the image below:

1. Search Bar – Here is where you type in a person’s name. By clicking on the name, you are able to see this individual’s personal profile page, add them as a friend, post on their page, or privately message them.

2. Your Profile – The icon to the right of the number represents your personal profile. You should see your profile picture (if you chose to use one) and your name. Click this icon to post directly on your page or add any pictures to your account. The current screen displayed is referred to as your News Feed. This is where you view what your Facebook friends are posting about.

3. You can also add a post in this box on your News Feed so that all your friends see what you’ve written. These posts you make on your News Feed and on your personal profile are NOT private – everyone you connect with on Facebook can see them!

4. Friend Requests – When other people request to be your friend, a red dot will appear by this icon indicating that you have a notification. You will have to click on this icon to either accept or deny the friend request. This is also the location where you can view if anyone has accepted your friend requests that you sent out. This icon also provides you will a list of potential people that you may know based on your current Facebook friends. You can use this list to find other people you may know or just ignore the suggestions.

5. Facebook Messenger – There are 2 locations for privately messaging your Facebook friends. The smaller icon opens up a small window on your News Feed that once opened, new messages appear right away. When you have a new message, a little red dot will appear beside this icon. The other location is the “Messenger” button on the left-hand side of the screen. This brings you to the messaging page on Facebook where you can see all past and current messages. When using this messenger button, to return to the News Feed again you must select the Facebook “F” logo located beside the Search Bar. Both messenger options give you accessibility to video calling your Facebook Friends as Facebook acts as another video calling platform.

6. Notifications – this icon represents all new notifications you receive. This could be current birthdays of friends, friends who have mentioned you in a post, or recent updates from your News Feed. When you have a new notification, a little red dot will appear beside this icon. Once you select the icon, you are able to click on each notification and it will bring you directly to the source so you can read more or respond to a friend.