Printing and Printer Settings on Your Computer

Usually when you want to print a document, you can hit Ctrl and the P key at the same time (or go into the File tab if there is one such as in a word document) and a window will open with print options.

On the left side, it shows a preview of what the printed product will look like. On the right side, you can see some of the printer settings. At the top right, you can see the number of sheets of paper that will be printed.

If we keep going down the right side, we see the Destination tab. This tab is where you can select the printer that you would like to use. If you click on the down arrow, it will show the printers that your computer can print to. You can also choose Save as PDF if you would like to save the file to your computer to look at or print later.

Below the Destination tab, there is the Pages tab. If you click on the down arrow, you can choose Custom and then type in the page numbers of the pages you wish to print.

Below the Pages tab, there is the Copies tab where you can choose the number of copies you want to print.

If we keep going down the list, there is the Layout tab, where you can choose which orientation you want the page to be printed as. Portrait means it is taller than it is wide, and Landscape means that it is wider than it is tall.

Then, there is the Color tab where you can choose to print in Color (if the printer you are using has colored ink) or Black and white.

If you look at the bottom of the right side, there is a tab for More settings. Here, you can change some other settings.

Some commonly changed settings under this tab are Pages per sheet and Two-sided. By changing the Pages per sheet, you can decrease the number of pieces of paper you need to use by printing additional pages on each piece of paper. An example is posted in the picture below.

Two-sided means that you will be printing on both sides of the piece of paper, which is also good to decrease the amount of paper you are using.

When you pick all the settings you want and are ready to print, click Print at the bottom right corner of the window. Sometimes, nothing will be printed and it seems the printer is not working. There are a couple quick things to always check in case this happens. You should make sure the printer is turned on and is connected appropriately to your computer (the printer cord is pushed in all the way or your computer is wirelessly connected to the printer). You can also try restarting the printer and your computer (but make sure to save what you are trying to print first)!