Free Device Application

Our Mission

The systems we provide through this program are generously donated by supports with the expectation of going to individuals in need. All systems have been thoroughly erased and are functional, and are provided “as is”. We do perform in-house testing to make sure all basic functions are working before sending the systems out. Systems can have cosmetic blunders as all our systems are previously owned and used. We clean and disinfect systems when we receive them and when we send them out.

If you are interested in donating a device please contact us at [email protected] to make arrangements.

Our Stock

Our laptops come with two operating systems. Linux Mint is perfect for users looking for a more traditional experience. Mint comes preconfigured with various open-source software such as, LibreOffice, Firefox, Chrome, Thunderbird Mail, and VLC. The ChromeOS option is perfect for simpler tasks such as browsing the web and using web-based applications.