Technology meets older adults

TechServe was founded in April 2020.

In light of the destructive COVID-19 pandemic, we resolved to have a positive impact on people suffering from its implications. We saw our grandparents, whom we live with, struggling with everyday technology usage. So we thought to ourselves – if they didn’t have us living with them, how would they connect with families, friends, and loved ones? How could they maintain a good level of physical and mental health while observing social distancing measures.

Then we did our research, and what we found was concerning. According to a recent study, 78% of seniors aged 65-75 owned a smartphone, but only reported “moderate” levels of confidence in using them.

TechServe is our solution – connecting digital-native millennial volunteers with older adults who just need a little bit of technical help to improve their everyday lives. Today, TechServe is a federally incorporated non-profit that provides services across Canada to older adults through 1v1 sessions, workshops in partnerships with older adults’ associations, and a set of digital literacy resources. Our mission is: “We want all older adults in Canada to build their digital literacy skills and become confident in using technology.” Although our organization was founded as a COVID-response initiative, we think that our mission to help older adults with digital literacy skills endures for the years to come.

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I was struggling for weeks with my printer and with my internet connection. With the help from a TechServeTO volunteer, I got back on my feet. I was amazed!


TechServeTo is a truly invaluable service. A young volunteer called me, and with great patience, he set up Skype for me, allowing me to talk to my cousins on the other side of Canada



We want all older adults in Canada to build their digital literacy skills and become confident in using  technology.